At Sibmar Construction we have a clear vision about what we stand for. Our policies reflect our awareness of the pertinent issues surrounding the construction industry. They also reflect our commitment to the well being of our employees.



Sibmar’s environmental policy covers critical issues, including waste management, transport, recycling and energy saving. It clearly outlines a review and audit process, and states a definite goal; ‘to be a company concerned for the community and the environment.’

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Equal Opportunities

It is Sibmar’s aim to provide equal opportunities for all employees. The policy sets out key points for recruitment, training and development. A statement on harassment – including company processes for complaints, investigation and advice – is incorporated within the policy.

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Training and Development

Sibmar supports and encourages the training and development of its employees. The policy covers key objectives, including development, training, reviewing, monitoring and maintenance processes. Additionally, the implementation of training and development within the company, particularly for new roles, is covered.

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Sibmar believes that a variety of backgrounds amongst its employees is essential in order to foster a productive working environment. The policy establishes a definition of the term ‘diversity,’ and describes how Sibmar actively seeks to obtain this diversity. The policy also outlines related employment objectives, monitoring and review processes.

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Health and Safety

Sibmar’s policy statement sets out points relating to assessment, management and control of health and safety risks. General health and safety arrangements are covered in the company’s policy document. This statement puts forward important issues, including risk management, workplace safety, staff responsibilities and distribution of relevant information.

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Sibmar’s business management system ensures targets are met and opportunities for improvement are identified. The company’s quality policy describes the system’s benefits and identifies management responsibilities. In addition, it outlines Sibmar’s dedication to improving working methods and achieving customer satisfaction.

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