Continuous Improvement








Continuous Improvement

We pride ourselves in being a Construction Company that focuses on customer satisfaction, the elimination of waste, and continuous improvement.


Telephone Questionnaire

Telephone questionnaires to gain honest feedback from our most valued customers.


Industry Newsletter

Our drive to improve communication with our customers by publishing a 'Constructive Dialogue' newsletter.

The articles range from current news at Sibmar to major subjects that are currently influencing the UK construction industry from a contractor’s point of view.

Industry Survey

As part of our commitment to improving our customer service, we carry out Annual Customer Surveys with clients, architects and surveyors across London and the South East.

The questionnaire rates satisfaction levels across a wide variety of areas and measures how each area is rated in terms of importance.

It gives us general industry opinion on issues such as accreditations, energy efficiency, MMC and marketing methods adopted by contractors. This is yet another example of Sibmar making major in-roads in understanding our customers ever-changing needs a little bit better.


Expanding Our Workforce

With an enormous growth in our business, expanding our workforce further was essential. A number of new team members have been employed and our offices have just under gone further development, providing additional high-tech office space to support all our workers’ needs. By providing a professional environment to work in and encouraging effective employee collaboration, we are able to service our customers' needs efficiently and professionally, whilst also providing a strong platform for us to further expand our operations in the future.


Sibmar Eliminate The Paper Culture

In line with our environmental policy we are dedicated to reducing paperwork by automating our site communication systems. We have therefore equipped all of our Site Managers with High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), a high-speed broadband protocol that enables them to access, download, share and send large e-mail attachments via their lap top computers. This has helped free up time for the job they do best, managing the site! the same time reducing dramatically the amount of paperwork that we produce.


HR Expansion

Another step towards improving our management of the HR department is the addition of a new senior member to our expanding team. Apart from the usual HR duties of payroll and staff management, our HR department now focuses on improved communications within the company, continuous management of our training and development plan and well structured inductions of every new staff member joining the company even at the most junior level.


The department is now gearing up to apply for the Investors in People standard. Given their systematic proactive approach to HR functions, we believe they are well placed to attain this standard. Their endeavours do not stop here and the latest news is about a company get-together being organised called ‘Sibmar Day’. This will be an annual event which will give us the opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences, brush up on topical issues distribute awards for excellence and generally celebrate our successful teamwork.



Image Makeover Exercise

A complete image makeover. This included change of our logo, a complete revamping of the website and all newly designed marketing and promotional material. This change in marketing strategy is a result of our customer survey carried out earlier this year.


We realised that our old look did not reflect our forward thinking outlook and our advanced knowledge of construction method and techniques. Also, the company has now grown considerably from where it had started 30 years ago and so it was felt the time had come for it to have a new look which truly matches the current personality of Sibmar.


If you have any comments about our re-branding please feel free to write to us at We would love to hear from you.



Waste Management Plan

We have developed a waste management plan in collaboration with the BRE. We also utilise the SmartWaste system to monitor our EPI’s (Environmental Performance Indicators). This not only helps us manage the effects our work has on the environment, but also helps us save a lot of useful resources.



Tree Plantation

It is our practice to plant a tree for every piece of feedback received from the client. It is just an excuse to do our bit for the environment: It also helps us to try and maintain the same level of consideration throughout the organisation.

We also think it is a wonderful gift to plant a tree in someone’s name and send them a certificate made out of re-cycled paper. Our environmental partner Trees for Life, have been a great support in this cause.


Advanced Document Management Equipment

Our networked document management system helps us manage all our important documents efficiently. It enables us to maintain an online archive of all our paperwork, instead of printing out reams of paper and filling up shelves. It also makes the whole process of retrieving the required document so much more efficient. And because it also receives and sends emails, we can conveniently print all our drawings in-house.



Knowledge Transfer Partnership


Sibmar has entered into a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Kingston University. This is a DTI initiative, where medium-sized companies can access the latest knowledge available in our modern universities and then utilise it to improve their businesses. The partnership is about building stronger and more efficient business processes, in order to enable Sibmar to work with a systems-based business model.


Paperless Meetings

We have modernised the work processes, while being considerate towards the environment. We have set-up a system where all our meetings take place in the conference room, using a projector and laptop. Not only are the meetings more efficient with everyone being on the same page with discussions, but it also reduces the usual amount of paperwork.



IT Upgrade


Our IT systems are upgraded regularly to meet the need for a faster and efficient network. Now our employees have access to laptops as required, which can be connected to our head office server through VPN access. This allows for flexible working hours and access to files while onsite.



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